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Talabarte have played the music of their first work through Galicia, rest of the State and different European countries, and they had also triumphed with their gastronomic and musical tour together with the chef Xián Herrera. Now they present a new record where they collect danceables rhythms and influences from different latitudes, some of them European and some of them fromGalicia, from where they continue taking their inspiration, especially from oral tradition's repertoire.

They're constant dreamers, oneiric textures' creators who use a cinematographic touch and the precise improvisation's dose. Now they'll compose a timeless, fresh and innovative work, that pulls again for their three instruments' timbre.

Ao Son da Cociña

Talabarte mixes this time arts: live music of their own creation and author's kitchen.

“Ao son da cociña” (“To the tune of the kitchen”) is a tasting event for senses and sensibility. Feelings, flavours and sounds are at once waking up -with music's affections- a part, legendary as mystic of  cookery's history.

The group formed by Pedro Pascual, Quim Farinha and Kin García converts in this occasion in a quartet, together with Xián Herrera at the kitchen and accompanying them with his pipe during the show.

They undertake this trip to take the public with them to a a universe on the way between the real and the imaginary, where they will rediscover one of the big Renaissance'screators . With the new compositions of the band, the spectators will test the dishes and will seat in Leonardo DaVinci's table. Inventor, sculptor, painter, architect. Also engineer and philosopher. Of course, scientific and botanic. And without forgetting that, there where the depth of the history does not always arrive, also a chef amongst burners. That is the  aspect of Da Vinci's that  Talabarte looks.

Ao son da cociña Ao son da cociña