Kin García

He initiates his musical training in the Conservatoire of Santiago de Compostela at nine years, moving later to the Conservatoire of A Coruña to study percussion and double bass until the eighteen years. Later his love for the jazz takes him to collaborate, among others, with musicians like Alberto Conde or Cuchús Pimentel and to reorient his training in this direction, by assisting to seminars and master-class with Niels-Henning, Orsted Pedersen or Dennos Irwin.

In the field of the Galician jazz, he works regularly with Nani García, Alberto Conde, Carmen Rey, Eva Lioréns, Fernando Llorca, Roberto Somoza and Carlos López among others.

In the field of folk, he has participated in diverse projects like Berrogüetto, Capercaillie, Dulce Pontes, Spirit 986, Filipa Pais, Jivan Gasparian, João Afonso, Marcos Teira, Rodrigo Romaní, Susana Seivane, Uxía Senlle or Crema de gaita.

His educational activity begins in 1997 with the foundation and opening of Drops academy. Actually he gives classrooms in the Upper Conservatoire of Music of A Coruña.