Quim Farinha

From late 80 to beggining 90 he has participated in some of the more notable folk bands at that moment like Dhais, Xorima or Fía na Roca, and he also was member of Berrogüetto until its dissolution in 2014. Between the years 97 and 99 he was violin professor at the conservatoire of traditional music in the Universidade Popular of Vigo. Since the year 99, he continues his educational work linked to the Conservatoire Folque of Lalín, by giving diverse classrooms until the 2006. And already in 2008 he became part of the educational project ACentral Folque in Compostela.

He realised distinct collaborations, between them: Uxía (Estou vivindo no ceo, Danza das areas, Eterno navegar) Mugardos, Anubía, Emilio Cao, Pepe Vaamonde group, Leilía, Malvela, Marful, Emilio Rúa, Guadi Galego, Acróbata (Ugia Pedreira and Fred Martins), etc. Is necessary to stand out also his participation in other projects of diverse styles like Sol de Farofa (bossa nova-jazz), Os D'Abaixo (traditional), A Banda das Crechas  (traditional-musics of the world) or Aló Djangó (swing).

Between 2008 and 2009 he has participated in the project Descarga ao Vivo, mix of Galician and Cuban music with musicians of recognised from the two sides of the Atlantic Ocean, that generated the recording of a live CD with the same title.

As a violinist, he approaches us a particular way of interpretation based in the digitation and repertoire of the Galician bagpipe, ranged with some influences of musics from other latitudes as well as of the music improvised.

On the other hand, he works in a Luthier workshop with a self-taught way in the repair and construction of string instruments, as well as in the creation of new experimental prototypes, attending to his own needs as a musician.